How to hack Yahoo Account Passwords?

Here i am providing you a tool called Yahoo Password Decryptor to hack yahoo accounts.

Yahoo Password Decryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover  Yahoo Login passwords stored by popular web browsers and instant messengers.
Most of these applications store the login passwords so that user don't have to remember and enter the password every time. Each of these use their own local storage format and proprietary encryption mechanism to store the login passwords.

YahooPasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through each of these applications and instantly recovers all of the stored Yahoo Login  passwords. 

It presents both GUI interface as well as command line version, the later is more helpful for Penetration testers in their work. Apart from normal users who can use it to recover their lost password, it can come in handy for Forensic officials who can get hold of any stored Yahoo Login passwords and then use that  information to extend their investigation.

It  comes with Installer to make it easy to install it locally and works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system Windows 8.


  1. Hi santosh i have mac and this zip file cannot be recognised. can you suggest how do i download this programme on mac?

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